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Audrey's Pastry Boutique

Pastry Spread

Pastry Spread

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Luxe minimal pastry spread package is perfect for launch parties, intimate weddings and cocktails.

Package inclusions: Pastry Spread 

By dozen count of MINI pastries with choice of maximum four (4) assorted flavors. Choose from about 14 flavors in our signature menu, including savory options.

Possible customizations: Flavor options to be included. Guest Count. Basic table styling depending on the motif or color palette.

Display Setup Inclusions: Vase of fresh / faux flowers or foliage according to desired color palette / event motif. Props and in-theme decor, white acrylic platforms. Free delivery / setup within Metro Manila or Tagaytay areas. Setup is good for two (2) hours, inclusive of server(s) as applicable. Extension per hour will be charged accordingly. 

Note: Total package price may be subject to change depending on extent of requested customization on the setup and dessert or cake inclusions. Styling to be executed by our partner teams.
Guest Count

Flavor Details

  • Mini Butter Croissant
  • Mini Pain Au Chocolat
  • Mini Dirty Pain Au Chocolat
  • Mini Pistachio Croissant
  • Mini Caramel Pecan Croissant
  • Mini Almond Croissant
  • Mini Peach Mango Danish
  • Mini Blueberry Danish
  • Mini Strawberry Danish
  • Mini Ruby Croissant
  • Mini Ham and Cheese Roll
  • Mini Margherita
  • Mini Capriciossa Pizza Mini
  • Chocolate Chip Strudel Mini
  • Cinnamon Raisin Strudel

Care Guide

Our pastries are freshly baked on the day of pick-up / delivery and best consumed immediately.

Should you need to reheat, warm at 180C for 3-4mins (shorted for pastries with toppings / coating). Avoid using airfryer or microwave when reheating.

Pastries without filling are best stored in airtight container for 2-3 days at room temperature or up to 7 days, properly wrapped and frozen on day of purchase. Those with fillings are best consume right away but if you need to consumer for later, wrap them and keep them chilled.

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