Order Delivery and Pick-ups


Audrey's Pastry Boutique takes great pride in the products that we design and create for our clients and ensure our cakes, pastries and confections are made to the highest of standards. Prior to ordering please consult the following:

6.1. Due to the nature of the icing’s density, any cake designs which are decorated with Royal Icing will require a sharp serrated knife to cut them for both the initial photography cutting of the cake and when cutting the cake into portions for your guests. The Audrey's Pastry Boutique team will score your Royal Iced event cake to enable a clean cut for your event photo shot. This will be indicated by a decorative flourish.

1.2. The cake samples you have chosen during your consultation have been made and cooked on a smaller scale. The same flavors when cooked on a larger scale will inevitably vary in color, texture and sweetness due to their size and time cooked.

1.3. We will always ensure that our client’s requirements are met in terms of their chosen flavors, however, we shall not be liable for unreasonable and unmanageable feedback regarding the flavor or sweetness of our cakes post-event due to any possible contamination or alteration brought about by staging / displaying our cakes during the event.

1.4. All of our cakes are handmade and decorated to your requirements. During manufacturing processes, slight changes may occur with colors, textures, flavors and designs due to the nature of the work entailed, which are out of our control. These changes will not differ significantly from the specification provided by you at the initial stage of ordering.

1.5. If any choice of color including that of the inscription is not selected, we reserve the right to select one at our own discretion. We shall use our reasonable endeavors to contact you and agree on the choice of color before making our selection. In the event that the color is left to our discretion, our choice shall be final.

1.6.  Final cake / dessert design is uniquely crafted using Audrey's signature style. It will only be based on the peg(s), motif and theme given by the client but not made to exactly replicate any design the Client has sent. Our bakers, designers, and decorators will follow customer provided recommendations, directions and specifications to the best of their ability. However, creative license is often needed to ensure that every product that leaves our shop will reflect our highest of standards. Every item that leaves our kitchen is handmade, meaning each item is unique for every event even which those included in our pre-designed sets and collections. Audrey's cannot guarantee 100% accuracy in regards to color matching, proportions, or composition.  

1.7. The cake / dessert design shall be finalized latest a week prior the event or earlier. Any changes requested after the design has been finalized will not be accommodated. If the client wishes to send their own design for reference, it shall be sent not later than two (2) weeks prior the event. If no design was sent two weeks prior the event, our design team reserves the right to finalize the cake / dessert design based on given client preferences (i.e. color, peg, etc.) as they see fit.


All orders are available for pick-up at our Cafe-Bakery (Studio) in Audrey's Aesthetic Cakes and Bakes, Unit 5 Rui Da Building, Enterprise Avenue, Southwoods Ecocentrum, Binan 4024, Laguna from 10AM - 8PM (Mondays-Sundays). Pre-scheduled time as indicated in your order confirmation or contract shall be respected.

We ensure our cakes and desserts are stabilized for safe delivery. If you'll have them picked up, make sure to put them on a flat and stable surface while in transit.We recommend using any air-conditioned car or van only. Always carry them upright, both hands supporting the bottom of the box. Avoid touching the sides of the box.

2.1. Should you wish to collect your cake, we will provide you with full transport, assembly and storage instructions where required. Please note that once the cake has been collected, the client is responsible, Audrey's Pastry Boutique will not liable for any damages thereafter.

2.2. Cake stand rental can be arranged, with a small security deposit, again, please note, it is the client’s responsibility to return the stand in good condition and within the agreed time frame.

2.3. If collecting, ensure you collect your Product as stated on your order form. Goods and Products not collected will be kept for 24 hours after which they will be disposed of with no refunds payable. A new order will need to be placed for a new pick up date as replacement for your order.

2.4. Once the Products have been collected we cannot be held responsible for any damage thereafter. You will have the opportunity to check and approve your order on collection, once the Goods have been collected and leave our store this indicates acceptance of the Goods.

2.5. It is your duty to ensure products collected are kept in the environment required. This information is provided in our care tips section for every product page. If you are not aware of such requirements then you should request the assistance of a member of the team. We shall not be responsible for any losses incurred by you or any degradation to the Goods supplied where the Goods have not been stored by you in the requisite environmental conditions.


For scheduled deliveries, we have trained delivery fleet to accommodate limited pre-scheduled bookings at any given date. You may also have your orders picked up by any third party courier or service provider. Please take note of our safety reminders in our Care Tips page for better transport.

We ensure our cakes and desserts are stabilized for safe delivery. If you'll have them picked up, make sure to put them on a flat and stable surface while in transit. We recommend using any air-conditioned car or van only. Always carry them upright, both hands supporting the bottom of the box. Avoid touching the sides of the box.

3.1. As part of your consultation, we can discuss the delivery and set up of your cake should you require it, however, as there are limitations to the number of deliveries we can conduct, an advance booking is the best way to secure your date during the busy event season.

3.2. Our delivery service will include liaison with your venue, assembly of the cake in situ, and dressing with fresh flowers (i.e. if you have supply from your florist) on the cake if so required.

3.3. The service is dependent upon availability and will be charged on an hourly basis determined by the travel distance and the time and labour required for assembling the cake unless otherwise stated in the contract.

3.4.1. Once your cake has been delivered and set up by the Audrey’s team we take no further responsibility for any damage after we have completed the setup.

3.4.2. Audrey's Pastry Boutique will not be liable if the cake is moved by and damaged by another party.

3.5. Audrey's Pastry Boutique will not be liable if the cake is affected by extremely hot weather. Buttercream cakes such as Semi-Naked or Naked-Cakes would most be affected by heat and Audrey's Pastry Boutique will not be liable if these cakes are ordered during the summer season or if positioned in direct sunlight or near a heat source. All of which would have been advised against during your consultation.

3.6. If we have previously agreed to meet another supplier and they are late or not ready to collaborate on the day, i.e. the florist for the cake flowers, dance floor not laid for the cake to be positioned on or the supplier of the cake stand or knife not arrived on time. Audrey's Pastry Boutique will not wait indefinitely on site for them as this will delay the set up of other clients cakes.