Weddings: How to Make It More Memorable

Weddings: How to Make It More Memorable

1. Serve freshly made refreshments for you and your guests to enjoy. It will be a long and busy day but keeping something to cool off or give yourself (and your guests) a break in a zap will certainly help.

2. Pastries Spread. Nothing Beats a light snack before any program starts. We will never know who wasn't able to finish a plate before going to your big day. 

3. Favors for guests. You can always gift them sweets as a token of appreciation. Nothing big but definitely worthwhile. Extend your warmest gratitude with a pack of teabag or coffee for them to enjoy at home.

4. Wedding Cake. To complete the look of your reception and enjoy your first bite as husband and wife, never forget to plan and get the cake of your dreams

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