Ways to Make Your Wedding Reflect Your Aesthetic

Ways to Make Your Wedding Reflect Your Aesthetic

Here are 3 simple ways to make your wedding reflect your aesthetic:

  1. Define your personal style. Everyone has to have a style mantra. It may not be a life-long commitment but at least for your big day, you must have a mantra that you shall repeat to yourself every time you’re a bit lost of what a certain detail should look and feel.
  2. Stick with one (main) color palette. Your style screams best through a cohesive color palette. Remember to pin timeless color combinations and don’t forget to consider to match colors that are very accessible for your guests.
  3. Consider your partner’s preferences. Of course, it has to be about both of you and not only YOU unless it’s a birthday party!

Here are a few key details that should look cohesive all through out: ceremony look and styling, entourage colors, entourage florals and boutonnières, bridal bouquet, invitations, reception look, reception backdrop, wedding cake with cake table styling and reception table setups <3

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