Delivery Information

Sharing these tips how to handle your delivery orders in line with COVID-19 precautions:

1. Avoid physical contact during receiving. Try to as much as possible maintain distance from our delivery team. They were instructed to place the order to the designated venue. We allowed them to disinfect before delivery of the item(s) ordered from us   Likewise, we highly suggest to let them leave the items ordered to the nearest proper storage. Make a disinfectant accessible and just acknowledge receipt at a distance   Wear your mask as always  

2. Disinfect first. Do not pick-up the food items yet. Disinfect a clean tissue / cloth and wipe the item(s) one by one. Just make sure, they're sanitized before you bring them in or to the display area. Sanitize your table also and ready a clean/sanitized container(s) fit for the items you ordered.

3. If display area is not yet ready, please store the cake(s) in a cool, dry and air-conditioned room away from any direct heat. Keep the items in the box sealed until ready for the event to avoid exposure to virus.

4. Avoid touching / direct physical contact with the food and transfer it immediately for display whenever possible. Please opt to immediately keep the box(es) on sanitized container or properly discard them if possible so as not to harbor any virus.